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Internship Options in Oakland

College Internship Opportunities 
Port of Oakland
Social Responsibility Division 
2014 College Summer Internship Program 
(Please read carefully before applying)

For over 16 years, the Port of Oakland has provided summer jobs, work experience and exposure to careers for hundreds of students through its Summer Internship Program. An internship can be a student's very first job or a stepping stone in a career path that can help open up doors and opportunities for the future.

The overall aim of the College Internship Program is to provide a professional work experience to both undergraduate and graduate college students pursuing careers in Maritime, Aviation, Commercial Real Estate, Engineering, Finance, Communications, Corporate Social Responsibility and other areas of business. The College Internship Program aims to engage high caliber students and recent graduates in an effort to:
 Gain substantive professional experience as well as exposure to critical issues pertaining to Port of Oakland operations;
 Develop a comprehensive perspective on the Port of Oakland's mission and service delivery at the local, national and international levels.
 Receive networking, personal and professional development opportunities, including opportunities to meet with Port of Oakland Board of Commissioners and senior management as well as the organization's key external stakeholders.

Based on a competitive selection process, successful applicants will begin internship assignments on June 16, 2014and end on August 15, 2014. (On a case by case basis, consideration will be given to students needing to return to school earlier or wanting to extend their internship). Required workshops, meetings, trainings and activities will be part of the internship program.

College or Graduate students will be selected through a competitive process; a total of sixteen (16) students will be selected for the 2014 College Internship Program. Port Departments request students with specific skills and knowledge areas, or students who have a strong interest or are majoring in specific fields. The Port will base selection on meeting program and department requirements and the results of an oral interview. Those interns selected will be matched with a specific department where they will work on advancing critical projects or assignments.

The College Internship Program is a 9-week paid internship opportunity designed to provide exposure to professional careers, obtain work experience and develop work habits and communication skills that can be helpful in shaping future career interests. The types of duties interns will perform may vary from managing a project to analytical, work that will require some technical tasks and/or field work that may require specific proficiencies, writing abilities and/or particular computer skills. The varied skills and expertise of Port staff offer interns an opportunity to gain insight into a variety of fields including, but not limited to, engineering, aviation, maritime, real estate, social responsibility, media, governmental affairs, legal and security.

The term of the College Internship Program is 9-weeks. The Program starts on Monday, June 16, 2014 and ends onFriday, August 15, 2014. Intern assignments are located at either the Port Administration Building, 530 Water Street (Oakland's Jack London Square), the Oakland International Airport (East Oakland) or the Port Maritime at Harbor Facilities (651 Maritime Street).
Interns will work no more than 25 hours per week, Monday - Friday during normal business hours.
The program pay range for Graduate students is $16.15 per hour and $13.45 for Undergraduate students.

The intern's department manager for his/his designee will be required to work closely with the intern and evaluate the student's work performance at the end of the internship. Interns will be required to attend required workshops and trainings to supplement their intern experience.

Applicants must meet all of the requirements listed below. Applications must be completed online from the Port of Oakland's website at
 Must be currently enrolled in college
 Minimum grade point average of 3.0 GPA
(Submit a copy of latest transcript)
 Submit 2 -3 letters of recommendation from advisor/counselor/dean
 Must be a resident in San Francisco Bay Area during the term of internship:
SF Bay area includes nine counties: Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa,
San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano, and Sonoma
(Preference provided to residents of Alameda and Contra Costa counties)
 Completed application - all questions must be answered completely
 Submit Internship Opportunity Form with Choice Selections Ranked 1 - 3
 Oral Interview will be scheduled for applicants that meet all requirements of the internship program

Students who are selected must pass a Port medical examination. Those that are assigned to the Oakland International Airport may be required to complete and pass a background check, which will include fingerprinting and a Criminal History Records Check (CHRS) prior to being considered for employment at the Port of Oakland.
The final candidates are recommended to the Executive Director for final approval.

APPLICATION DUE DATE: April 25, 2014 @ 4:00 pm Submit Online Application with the following attachments: Most recent transcript, Letters of recommendation, and Internship Opportunity form.
Apply at
For questions, please call (510) 627-1419 or email us at
Stay Connected with the Port of Oakland,
Your Port, Your Partner.

Please read each description carefully. You must select the internship opportunity you are most interested in and qualified for by indicating Choice 1, 2, or 3 in the column provided.
Division and Project Scope
Select Desired Internship Opportunity (Choice 1, 2, or 3)

1. Aviation Landside Operations
1) Ground Transportation file management (ensure information is current and old data is purged from files). 2) Research important Ground Transportation topics such as ride- sharing vehicles. 3) Assist with streamlining other processes or assisting others in the dept with clerical task. 4) Attend and assist with logistics of outreach events and activities for Ground Transportation Stakeholders. 5) Participate in surveying other Airports regarding their Ground Transportation Operations.
Oakland Maintenance Center at Oakland International Airport

2. Aviation Marketing
New in-terminal survey initiatives (international arriving passengers). Assist in OAK video distribution. Assist in developing contact database. Assist in web site content editing/improvement. Assist in collecting photography for OAK marketing efforts.
Oakland International Airport

3. Aviation Planning and Development
Perform data collection and inventory, field visit support, research, and other tasks as needed.
Graphic design skills highly desired.
530 Water Street, 6th Floor

4. Communications
Media monitoring from the internet; Light writing (preparing short descriptions of media stories; possible press releases and other writing assignments). Media contact list updating; Preparing Media kits. Possible news event support. Light media outreach for pitching a Port story.
Searching the Internet. Updating media contact lists. Must have an excellent command of English for communicating over the phone and in writing; have a pleasant demeanor; and is confident enough to make cold calls to media outlets.
530 Water Street, 3rd Floor

5. Community Relations
Assist with Community Relations functions. Projects will include: Project A: Event coordination -Volunteer coordination - Develop communications for Community Relations events. Project B: Create an online mechanism to track volunteer activities, community service, charitable contributions, in-kind technical assistance and other forms of giving by Port employees. Community relations and public affairs assignments will be undertaken.
530 Water Street, 3rd Floor

6. Engineering/Geomatics
Specifically looking for college interns enrolled in a 4-year (Fresno State) or 2-year (Santa Rosa Junior College, Evergreen College) surveying/geomatics curriculum. Project duties will mostly involve field surveying activities - high precision differential leveling, GPS control surveying, traverse for boundary control. Project duties will also include office processing of measurements, user calibration of survey equipment.
530 Water Street, 2nd Floor

7. Engineering Services
Organizing files and entering information into database. Assist with revision of fee ordinance. Assist with permit processing, review of plans and application documents.
530 Water Street, 2nd Floor & Port Area field work

8. Engineering Services
Engineering Process Streamlining Project. Review our processes, particularly those pertaining to Construction Management, and propose improvements to increase efficiency. The processes to be reviewed include, but are not limited to, processing of construction submittals, processing of contract payments, and scanning of records. Duties and responsibilities will include: Researching options for Construction Management software (compatible with Oracle) that among other functions could electronically distribute and track submittals. Researching options for scanning hard-copy records directly into digital directories. Contacting similar agencies to research their construction management procedures. Compiling the information gathered and the software options identified into a report with recommendations.
Skills required include excellent writing ability and researching skills. Engineering background preferred.
530 Water Street, 2nd Floor

9. Engineering/Utilities
Support Port's utility engineering and administrative functions including collecting and evaluating technical data to assist Port engineers in utility planning, design review, construction support, contract administration, preparation of technical studies and regulatory compliance reports; interacting with other Port departments to exchange information and coordinate activities; conducting as-built search and utility research; assisting with other administrative duties as assigned.
530 Water Street, 2nd Floor

10. Engineering/Utilities
Assist an engineer with developing a meter tree and documentation. Use Autocad and read electrical drawings and diagrams. Assist a Senior Account Clerk with updating meter books and preparing for meter books for the next fiscal year. Assist with updating the Port's utility rate book; perform rate analysis on water usage.
530 Water Street, 2nd Floor

11. Environmental Programs & Planning
Develop an inventory of industrial facilities in the Port Area, including type of business, permit status, and contacts. Will require working with various Port staff, operating units and regulatory agencies. Perform inspections and program audits of Port-wide operations. Help organize records from contaminated site investigations and remediation.
530 Water Street, 2nd Floor

12. Government Affairs
Track state, federal and local legislation relevant to the Port; attend public meetings and summarize issues raised; conduct policy and analytical research; assist with drafting elements of Government Affairs Department electronic publications; other projects as determined necessary.
530 Water Street, 3rd Floor

13. Human Resources
Completing the upload of all of our job descriptions into Neogov. Creating a class for employees on key Admin policies. Setting up the Neogov Online Hiring Center (OHC). Performance review follow up and tracking. Assisting with training class preparation including logistics and set up. Assisting with preparing materials for training classes.
Responsibilities will involve helping with the Port's Wellness Program and assisting with daily HR functions.
College intern majoring in HR or a related wellness field, such as physical education or nutrition is desired.
530 Water Street, 3rd Floor

14. Maritime
As part of the Oakland Army Base redevelopment program, intern will be responsible for conducting financial analysis, working on business development strategies and project management support, etc.
530 Water Street, 6th Floor

15. Port Attorney Office
Will assist attorneys in researching legal issues, drafting legal documents, and working with clients in active legal proceedings.
Current students at accredited law schools only.
530 Water Street, 4th Floor

16. Social Responsibility Division
Analyze small and disadvantaged local business participation on Port projects. Outreach to identify potential businesses to work with the Port. Develop a social media/outreach program for the department.
530 Water Street, 3rd Floor

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