Monday, June 3, 2013

Ethnography at Facebook

Design & User Experience


LocationMenlo Park, CA
Facebook aims to connect the world in a big way, across all cultures and creeds, cities and countrysides. And to do that successfully, we need to understand the unique character of all those communities: what Facebook means or could mean to each of them, what themes are common across them, what themes are unique to each, and how best to make our products and technology work for all of them. Come join a diverse and collaborative team of researchers who work to make the best social platform for Facebook’s billion+ users. For this position we are looking for an experienced ethnographer to help drive us towards this mission, where success rests largely on the careful understanding of its social, human element. The ideal candidate will have an extensive background conducting research, especially in international/developing markets.


  • Partner with a diverse team to identify research topics
  • Design the strategy and methodology for ethnographic research relevant to all initiatives within Growth and Analytics
  • Generate insights that inspire design, improve the user experience, and help unlock the potential of Facebook
  • Work cross-functionally with design, product management, content strategy, engineering, and marketing
  • Understand the diverse cultural norms, needs, and perceptions present among these different communities. Seek opportunities to translate and raise awareness of these factors among internal teams, particularly where they defy conventional understanding.
  • Deliver actionable research insights that make the Facebook user experience measurably better


  • 3+ years conducting ethnographic research
  • Command of a broad set of qualitative and user-centered design methods
  • Compelling verbal and visual communication
  • Ability to ask, as well as answer, meaningful and impactful questions
  • Experience working with design and product teams
  • Master’s or Ph.D. in Human Computer Interaction, Cognitive or Experimental Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology or a related field