Friday, May 18, 2012

Learning to Code

In a previous post, "Coding, Social Science, and Activism," we "advertised" the idea of social scientists (that is, you) learning to "code" (that means, write computer programs).  In that post we mentioned a few online tools that have been developed for learning to program and some organizations/programs specifically geared toward more women learning to code.

Over the last few weeks of the semester a number of you have expressed interest in joining a group of us who would endeavor to join this movement and get some coding skills this summer.  We post this notice to say "let's do it!" and "is anyone else interested?"

Here's the preliminary agenda.  We'll get together sometime between 5/20 and 5/30 to do a little show-and-tell, get-to-know-you (as needed), and time-line setting.  We'll pick a platform (that is, an online, web-based learning tool), a language (there are a number of different programming languages from which to choose -- each one has it's advantages), and then we'll get rolling.  Most of the courses are self-paced with milestones and most include a "social" component that will let us create a learning community of sorts for mutual aid and encouragement. We'll plan to have a few physical check-in meetings in addition to keeping touch online.

So far, I've got expressions of possible interest from Lulu, Rachel B., Ari, Kalisi?  If you'd like to maybe join us, drop me an email in next few days.  I'll then post a poll with some potential meeting times and we'll get this train out of the proverbial station.

Meanwhile, here is a small menagerie of links you might want to check out:

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