Sunday, February 9, 2014

Diversity, Envy, and Social Comparison

Nice example of research collaboration between faculty and undergraduate students at Sonoma State, on the one hand, and great example of a piece or work that could be extended, built-upon, and replicated by students here.

See also how this story was covered in Sonoma State website piece ("Looking Up and Seeing Green: New Study Shows Having Diverse Friends Takes the Sting Out of Envy") and read the actual study:
Stephanie McKee, Heather J. Smith, Aubrey Koch, Rhonda Balzarini, Marissa Georges, and Matthew Paolucci Callahan. "Looking up and Seeing Green: Women’s Everyday Experiences With Physical Appearance Comparisons." Psychology of Women Quarterly September 2013 37: 351-365 (PDF)

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