Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Course Evaluations: Can AnthSoc Win the ResponseRate Challenge?

Dear Sociology and Anthropology Students,

The deadline for online course evaluations is almost upon us!

Course evaluations really do matter.  It's a place where you get your say and can tell it like it is.  And we do actually listen.  Your instructors don't get to see the results until after grades are submitted, of course, but each of us looks forward to the feedback as we plan how to teach in coming semesters.  Here are mine over time if you'd like to have a look.

Evaluations are VERY especially extremely important for part-time instructors as it is a factor in whether they get hired to teach at Mills in the future.  

Please take a few minutes and evaluate each of your courses.  Can you help to make our department the one with the highest response rate on course evaluations?  

We thank you in advance.


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