Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Stanford Journalism Goes Digital

Stanford wants coding ninjas like you: Use tech chops to help journalists uncover hidden stories.

Right now, work at Stanford University and in the broader Silicon Valley is changing the way stories are discovered, told, and transmitted. That’s why the Stanford Journalism Program -- based in the heart of Silicon Valley -- will develop data analysis and visualization tools, partner with media and technology companies around content creation, and lead research and instruction in computational journalism.
You don't need to be a journalist. You just need the hunger to code for the mission of keeping society informed and holding the powerful accountable.

We’re leading the charge with an interdisciplinary approach to innovation, bringing digital journalists together with computer scientists, data experts, and media industry leaders. Our nine-month master’s program is fast-paced and focused with 15-16 students a year.

If you’re interested in joining us as we reengineer the future of media, please visit for more information or join us at our Nov. 6 open house.

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