Friday, March 2, 2012

Future of hyper-connected self (i.e., YOU): What's your prediction?

...about the hyper-connected minds of the younger generation in 2020?

In a report just out from Pew Internet, "Millennials will benefit and suffer due to their hyperconnected lives," experts and stakeholders "were fairly evenly split as to whether the younger generation’s always-on connection to people and information will turn out to be a net positive or a net negative by 2020. They said many of the young people growing up hyperconnected to each other and the mobile Web and counting on the internet as their external brain will be nimble, quick-acting multitaskers who will do well in key respects. At the same time, these experts predicted that the impact of networked living on today’s young will drive them to thirst for instant gratification, settle for quick choices, and lack patience."

What do you think? Is it a wiser brain that's always connected and able to google for the answer to any question or does it become an empty vessel sitting atop a device equipped with eyeballs and fingers?

Read the full press release here or download a PDF of the research report.

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