Tuesday, February 7, 2012

'Social glasses' may reveal a person's true colors

'Social glasses' may reveal a person's true colors
"A rosy blush or the sickly green color of a person's skin can tell very different stories about mood and health to human eyes ― a deceptively powerful insight about eyesight. Now a startup has begun creating "social glasses" capable of ... harness[ing] the power of human eyes to notice skin color changes ...[that] may enable ordinary people still see common social signals through their dark shades." (InnovationNewsDaily 2/2/12)
What WILL they think of next? If this strikes you as NOT being an article in The Onion, you might also find interesting Alex Pentland's Honest Signals (a review here). Goffman's ideas about interaction rituals and strategic interaction will probably be in play for a little while longer, but stay tuned....

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