Wednesday, September 21, 2011


The new study abroad (SA) program "CyberSociety" (, which was announced earlier, is approaching its first term. We are making steady progress about the program's details and the specifics of the affiliation with Eötvös University in Budapest. We have formed agreements with teaching staff and secured the elements of the infrastructure.

This is a 2nd call for students for the 2012 Spring Semester.

Application deadline is November 15. For application details, consult the homepage at

The CyberSociety semester deals with innovative approaches in the social sciences. Besides sociology and social science majors susceptible to learn and adopt computational methods, the program expects physics, computer science, mathematics and different science majors with an interest to apply modeling and quantitative tools to social phenomena.

Please help us by advertising the program, contacting colleagues, students and administrators.

We are looking forward to a successful program!
Thank you for your support,

Best regards,

George Kampis and Peter Erdi,
Directors, BSCS

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