Thursday, April 7, 2011

Collaborate and put your social scientific insight to work?

Innovation Exchange is a worldwide online community of innovators who can use the system to create teams to solve problems for rewards. Most of their "challenges" are about commercial products, others are about public awareness, a few are about public problems. All share the idea that they can be solved by Open Innovation, an idea to keep on your radar screen.

-- DJR (disclosure: I am on their advisory board, contributing ideas about how to form effective teams)

Innovation Exchange - Where creativity is the currency
Hi djjrjr,

The challenge 'Create an advertisement campaign for a small-size car' is ending - and they still need your help! Your idea captured in a 1-2 page document may be all it takes for you to claim this reward. If you have already submitted a solution and want to amend it with any additional information or insight, make sure you post your revised solution by April 15, 2011.
IX Support Team

Create an advertisement campaign for a small-size car. 
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STATUS:     Closing April 15, 2011
REWARD:   $65,000 USD
Located in East Asia, this car manufacturing company is looking for an imaginative and persuasive advertisement campaign (TV and print) for its small-size class car. Ranked third in market share, this small-size car has some tough competition to overcome, but the company believes that an advertising campaign that is focused on enjoying good music on its car's premium sound system will set it apart from its competition. With this in mind, they want your great ideas for an advertisement campaign that is witty, sentimental, and sophisticated ... and they need your ideas very quickly! 

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