Saturday, April 21, 2012

Post Graduation Opportunities: Teaching/Tutoring in Massachusetts

MatchCorps: Merrimack Valley is a full-time, 10.5-month urban education math tutoring fellowship in two high schools in the Merrimack Valley in New England. We are hiring 50 smart, idealistic, relentless people to work during the 2012-2013 school year. Each Fellow works during the school day with two students at a time for five periods a day, and will have a personal caseload of 12 students all year long. Fellows not only will drive student achievement by providing individualized instruction, but will also build personal and meaningful relationships with urban students and their families during this pioneer year of service.


Fellows will receive a modest living stipend ($1428 per month, for 10 ½ months); full health benefits; a transportation reimbursement of $60/month; free registration for the Massachusetts Educator Licensure Tests in High School Math and Communication ($250); and the lifelong appreciation of the 12 students they serve, and their families.  Fellows who have a verified Spanish oral proficiency will receive a $1000 bonus.  We do not provide housing, but we will present viable options for your consideration.

More details in the FAQ.

“The mission of Match Tutors is to help schools and districts across the nation to create effective, relationship-based, yearlong tutoring opportunities for recent college graduates, undergraduates and others to help ensure that high need students gain skills and knowledge to propel them to college success and, in so doing, to establish professional tutoring as the most significant intervention tool that any school can have—thereby transforming the direction of public education.” 

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