Thursday, April 26, 2012

Obama Campaign Looking for Data People

I've been in touch with Obama campaign about data positions in the campaign. These are jobs.  Starting soon.  Around the country.  For a good cause (depending on your political persuasion). Many of you have exactly the skills they are looking for. From an email I received today:

First, let me tell you a bit more about the Field Tech Academy program. Over the course of the five week online training we’ll be teaching some intermediate Excel skills such as countif, sumif, vlookup, and how to work with pivot tables. We’ll also be teaching trainees on the basics of campaign data, such as how voter files work. Finally we’ll be teaching everyone how to use VoteBuilder which is an online tool we use to work with our voter and volunteer databases.
High-performing graduates of the Academy will be considered for data positions in the states. These positions will have a strong emphasis on training and support. Our data staff in the states are expected to train organizers on proper use of our campaign technologies (including VoteBuilder) and support them as they troubleshoot data management challenges they encounter. Staff may also be asked to help our state leadership team with some analysis and data support work. It’s exciting and very important work, but it’s work of a very specific nature. 
Below is the web page -- you can apply just by filling in this form.  The training is online over first few weeks of May.  This could be a historically important and adventurous post-graduate job!  If you apply, be sure not to undersell your skills!  Happy to talk with you about this if you'd like.

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