Monday, April 16, 2012

Coming Soon: Open Government (Data)

This big, collaborative effort is, in spirit at least, the great, great grandchild of projects I worked on in New Haven in the early 1990s ("New Haven On Line" (remnants on Way Back Machine) and "the Regional Data Cooperative: (evolved into DataHaven).  It is part of a project/movement called "Open Government" that encourages governments to make their data/information available in standard formats to encourage entrepreneurs and activists to develop applications that visualize, search, or mine this data to improve public discourse in a democratic society.
The Data Transparency Coalition
"Too often, the U.S. government does not publish crucial data online - or, when it does publish data, fails to use formats that make the data useful.

"The Data Transparency Coalition brings together technology companies, nonprofit organizations, and individuals to support the publication of federal data online in consistent, machine-readable formats. Federal data reform starts with the DATA Act, which will open the government's spending information to illuminate waste and fraud. But it won't end there. Other types of federal information need reform, too."

They have a blog, too.

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