Friday, February 12, 2010

Social Networks and Social Media and Social Networking

In recent years, social network research has advanced significantly influenced by the development of new tools for network analysis and their application to online social Web sites, email logs, phone logs and instant messaging systems. The Web is increasingly a social medium that where we can study interaction, sharing of experiences and knowledge, group activities, community formation and evolution.

From a recent call for book chapters, here are thirty things people are studying these days in the realm of networks and the internet.  These topics are the kinds that get social scientists hired by Google and Microsoft and Apple and Yahoo and Mozilla and IDEO and ....
  1. Community discovery and analysis in large scale social networks
  2. Connections between biological and social network formation
  3. Crime data mining and network analysis
  4. Cyber anthropology
  5. The Deep (Dark) Web
  6. Data protection inside communities
  7. Diffusion : social and biological
  8. Dynamics and evolution patterns of social networks
  9. Economic impact of social network discovery
  10. Evolution of social networking
  11. Evolution of communities in organizations
  12. Geography of social networks
  13. Impact of social networks on recommendations systems
  14. Information acquisition and establishment of social relations
  15. Knowledge networks
  16. Influence of culture on the formation of communities
  17. Misbehavior detection in communities
  18. Migration between communities
  19. Multi-agent based social network modeling and analysis
  20. Open source intelligence
  21. Political impact of social networks
  22. Privacy, security and civil liberty issues
  23. Recommendations for product purchase, information acquisition and social relations
  24. Social and cultural anthropology
  25. Social geography
  26. Social network experiments
  27. Social psychology of information diffusion
  28. Temporal analysis on social networks topologies
  29. Visual representation of dynamic social networks
  30. Web communities

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