Friday, February 21, 2014

Union Summer Internships (PAID)

It’s that time of year again!!  The 2014 AFL-CO Union Summer internship program will be looking to recruit the best and brightest activists from your college campuses in the next few weeks. The Union Summer internship runs 9 weeks and is a paid internship program that introduces students to the labor union movement.  The internship starts with a weeklong orientation and training where interns learn about the history and current state of the American labor movement. Interns will also learn union skill building firsthand. The interns are then assigned to work on various union organizing campaigns with AFL-CIO affiliates. 

The work of a U.S. intern could include (but not limited to):  working on state legislative battles, talking one-on-one with workers about their jobs, planning and participating in direct actions like marches, and assisting in building relationships with community, labor and religious organizations.  Participation in Union Summer is an ideal way for young people to learn about unions and a way for young activists to look into careers in the American Labor Movement.

Union Summer interns must be:
*      Flexible and willing to work long hours, nights & weekends on an unpredictable schedule
*      Adaptable in the face of new challenges and experiences
*      Able to work in teams and have excellent communication skills
*      Open to working with people of different races, ethnic backgrounds,
                religious & sexual orientations
*      Willing to immerse themselves in an intensive, learning-by-doing experience

**US Interns are paid $350 weekly (minus taxes)
**Accepted applicants must have housing in the cities where Union Summer sites have been designated.
**Union Summer sites:  (subject to change)
*      Goldsboro, N.C.
*      Houston
*      Los Angeles
*      New York City
*      Washington, D.C.
**2014 Union Summer internship dates:  June 16 – August 15, 2014
**Application Deadline:  April 15, 2014

We will be reaching out to you regarding the 2014 Union Summer internship program however, if your students are interested in applying now, please pass along this information to them and encourage them to apply online to  I have attached the 2014 Union Summer flyer to this email. Thank you for your continued support of The AFL-CIO Union Summer internship program!

In Unity,
Ayketa Iverson                                                                                                 Patrick Scott
National AFL-CIO, Organizing Institute                                                    National AFL-CIO, Organizing Institute
2014 Union Summer                                                                                       2014 Union Summer
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