Tuesday, November 13, 2012

New York Union Semester

There’s still time to apply for spring 2013 admission to CUNY’s New York Union Semester academic internship or Masters in Labor Studies.  Both provide students with tools for leadership, scholarship and advocacy.

New York Union Semester combines courses with a mentored internship at a labor union or worker organization. We accept college students and graduates who receive: 
ü  a weekly stipend
ü  a scholarship toward the cost of Labor Studies courses at in-state tuition rates
ü  an unlimited-ride MetroCard and
ü  academic credits and a Certificate in Labor Studies.
In the Masters in Labor Studies program, students examine history, current debates and issues affecting working people and unions from an interdisciplinary perspective. This is an ideal degree for students interested in advocacy, non-profit or social justice work; union members; and graduate students with a research interest in labor.  The Masters program offers:
ü  evening, weekend, and summer classes in midtown Manhattan
ü  internships
ü   comprehensive academic resources and
ü   financial aid.

Students who are based in the New York City area may wish to attend one of our Open House sessions. Please contact Laurie Kellogg if you wish to discuss these options:  212-642-2055 or laurie.kellogg@mail.cuny.edu.

For more information on these and other Murphy Institute academic opportunities, go to http://sps.cuny.edu/institutes/jsmi.

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