Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Career Insight Perhaps Not So Far Fetched as You Might Think

This guest speaker in the computer science department might be of interest to some students in the social sciences.  Even if "product manager" might not be a position for which you are currently qualified, it is helpful to have a better map of what's out there in the tech world so you can start making plans about where you want to go on the career landscape.

"Product Management and other (Non-Developer) Career Paths at Tech Companies"

Rich Mironov

CS students think mostly about jobs as software developers ("coders"), but there are other potential roles for them at tech companies. We'll look at product management and a few other jobs, and talk about the mix of skills/style/experience/personality that might help students think about different kinds of tech careers.
Rich Mironov is a serial entrepreneur, veteran of six tech start-ups, and consults to software companies on the business of software. He is the author of The Art of Product Management and founder of Product Camp. Rich has a BS in Physics from Yale and an MBA from Stanford. 

 Thursday , April 3 @ 4 PM 
 NSB 213 

 Refreshments will be served. For more information, please contact Almudena Konrad.

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